Here on the site
you can find some of my projects.
so go on, have fun and explore.

projects i'm currently working on

Minecraft Arena

I'm working on an pvp arena for minecraft.
Yes. i now that is not really programming
but this arena can be controled from a panel made with pygame and it uses RaspberryJuice
to control the arena.
With the panel you can set up traps and obstacles, to make the arena a little more challenging for the players

projects to come

Bukkit plugin: Science

I want to make a plugin that adds some fun sci-fi things and technologys for people to try out and have fun with.

Danish Mc server API and app

a API with infomation on danish serves. that anyone can use to get info about one of the registered servers. like who's online and news from the servers website if they have one. i myself will use the API to make an app with a list of all the servers.

Make a game

at some point i really want to try making a game. but i don't really have eny ideas for one for the time being. but that will not stop me for trying to make one in the furture.